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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  May 20, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. this is a fox news alert. a busy night of primaries from coast to coast. voters in six states going to the polls and right this minute the polls closing in georgia and kentucky. and in kentucky senate minority leader mitch mcconnell is facing tea party challenger matt -- and in georgia a crowded republican senate primary, seven candidates battling for the seat left vacant by retiring senator saxby chambliss senior national correspondent john roberts is live in atlanta. john? >> greta, good evening to you. you would think that replacing saxby chambliss with another republican would be a no brainer here in georgia. the democrats are fielding a very strong candidate in michelle nun. the daughter of the former popular senator sam nunn it looks like she will put on a
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real fight. republican leaders are urging voters to vote for the right candidate or throw away what could be a sure thing. so far in the polls, the establishment candidate david purdue has been leading the pac followed behind by jack kingston, a solid conservative with moderate appeal as well as karen handel a darling of the tea party express and then congressman phil gingre and paul broun. both of them following tea parties as well. david purdue is running as the outside candidate. only one of the top five who hasn't held elected office previously. he said is he a unifying candidate. running on broad appeal. here is what he told me. if we focus on what we disagree on. we have hard time going up against anybody this fall. what they're looking at out in the state right now, someone who can lead common analogies across the republican party reasonable solutions to bring democrats across to vote for reasonable things to get this economy moving to solve this debt crisis. >> it's likely that david
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purdue will get the most of the vote today and the turnout has been very light. you don't know which way it's going to break and could face karen kingston or hand leon. no one expected to brake that auto% barrier in georgia tonight. couple other big races we are watching kentucky where mitch mcconnell is expected to easily hold off a challenge from matt ben the tea party candidate there. he has spent recent days why he gave his speech to a cock fighting rally than mitch mcconnell. then there is oregon where pediatric neurosurgeon. dream candidate for the republican party and best person go up against the incumbent senator jeff merkley there. opponents have drudged up old police reports ex-husband and boyfriend last year accused her of harassing behavior and stocking them. apparently andrew miller the ex-boyfriend who filed the
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police report made up. he is contributing to a pac that is supporting her and against her opponent. not sure where that relationship stands right now. but she is trying to say much to do about nothing. this is all personal business. not involved in my senate campaign. not likely to effect her results in the primary tonight because it's a mail-in ballot in oregon. most of the ballots already cast before this news came out. certainly, greta, it could be a factor in the november election and one that she is going to have to do some quick patchwork on. >> the headline there would be never dull. anyway, john, thank you. and now to kentucky. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell easily beating primary challenger tea party favorite businessman matt bevin. kentucky enquirer reporter scott joins us live. scott? >> thanks for having me. >> so the race is called in kentucky? >> pretty much. the polls have just closed and in the western spartan of the state. mcconnell has got a pretty easy lead against matt ben,
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the -- bevin. it would take a miracle for matt bevin to overcome that. >> but matt bevin gave -- at least for a little while he rattled the senate minority leader a couple months ago it looked like he was giving him a little bit of a run for his money. >> he was. but, he never seemed to be able to get enough traction to close that gap. i mean, take down incumbent senator from inside the party, i mean, that's an uphill battle and i really don't know how you could actually succeed in doing that without a major gaffe on the incumbent's part. >> okay. take me ahead to the general election. now senator mcconnell has an opponent in of course the election in november. who is the opponent? >> democrat allison lund green grime. she is the secretary of state in kentucky.
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the polls show them neck in neck. it will be a close race, which is not something that mcconnell hasn't seen before. his last election against democrat candidate bruce lunsford, mcconnell won by six points. but that was a close race as well. but, grimes is is a very strong candidate. has a wide appeal and in kentucky, democrats actually outnumber republicans. even though the state tends to vote republican in national races. grimes does stand a chance to be able to unseat mcconnell. >> scott, thank you. so, what could tonight's primary results tell us about the november mid terms and should either the republicans or the democrats be terrified? joining us our political panel "the weekly standard's" john mccormick, easton and ricke" senior klein is senator mcconnell, does he really is a tough race come november? >> he does.
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of course he does. it's going to be probably the most expensive election in the history of senate elections. very possibly anyway. and the democrats are going to pour money in to try to defeat him. one of the lessons we are seeing for the primary season incumbency still matters. tea party unable to knock off any incumbent none on the democratic side either. strangely that's going to benefit democrats more than republicans. mcconnell may benefit from that. in his own race it's going to be tough for him to keep that seat. he does have senator next to his name. people may hate congress but they are still electing their member of congress back at least for the ballot. >> most intriguing race for you tonight? >> the mcconnell race is intriguing. this was not a done deal a year ago. matt bevins provided a real threat to mitch mcconnell. and, keep in mind, that the establishment mainstream republican part of the republican party has watched over the past two election cycles, they have watched potential senate pickups go by the wayside because of
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tea party candidates who could not appeal to a electorate. and that's been a big problem. so, what did mitch mcconnell do? a, he came out shooting fast. >> senator rand paul back him? >> and that's the other key. that's the subplot and to me the most intriguing subplot in all of this is rand paul. it was very smart on mitch mcconnell's part to cozy up to rand paul to put him on the senate foreign relations committee. a prime spot for a freshman senator. rand paul came out supporting him. what is rand paul going to do leading up to 2016? he is clearly, you know, wants to be a presidential candidate. what role is he going to play in this schism between the establishment of the party and the tea party part of the party? >> john, your favorite? >> i agree that kentucky is is an interesting race. you know. you have heard a lot about how the tea party, their influence is winning how they are losing. what struck me about this race is the tea party is sort of a victim of their own success. they have taken out the real liberal republicans in the party back in 2010. had you people like arlen
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specter in pennsylvania. a real liberal against conservatives on judges, you know, for things like cap and trade. liberal on abortion. same thing with charlie crist in florida. chase them from the party. they ended up becoming arlen specter ended up becoming a democrat. charlie crist independent and now a democrat. if you look at kentucky what you are struck by is matt bevins doesn't have a good issue against mitch mcconnell. he has 87% conservative rating by the club for growth. one of the main groups attacking him. so, when you are attacking the guys with you 87% of the time, i think you can declare victory. i think that's really the striking thing about this race. >> it's a little weird that the candidate for senate, pediatric neurosurgeon has got the stalking charges. i don't know but but i think that's a little weird. >> a little weird is exact ely right. what's key here is this was a huge republican opportunity someone talking up. this seems like a clinical democratic attack. we know from reporting out of the oregonian.
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>> i'm sure democratic attack. none the less, still a little weird. not just one stalking, it's two. ex-husband. >> that's right. three different police reports. >> the boyfriend has now made amends. >> that's right. we will see if she can overcome. this six months to make the case. always going to be tough in oregon o. to get back to what john said though, exact ely right, the tea party is losing battles but they already won the war. that is so important in talking about the tea party challenges that are out there, they have already shaped the debate to such a degree. that's why they are not winning. >> i would push back on that a bit. not only are we looking at the michigan mcconnell race but we are looking at georgia where the two candidates most associated with the tea party and were actually had some extremist statements about science and abortion, you know, shades of todd aiken again. they are at the bottom of the barrel. it's the more establishment candidate that are purdue and kingston. run off.
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i think the tea party is a little bit back on its heels in terms of the republican party going into 2014. >> okay. panel, stay with us. and now the american legion is outraged accusing the white house of distorting its position on the v.a. healthcare scandal. now, yesterday, white house press secretary jay carney repeated ely suggested the american legion had praised the veterans affairs department for the resignation of robert petzel. >> the top official in charge he was of the veterans health system was requested to resign by the american legion. [ buzzer ] the american legion says it looks as petzel's steps at addressing the leadership problem at the v.a. so i think that undercuts the assertion that that is not a meaningful development. the american legion. the american legion. >> the v.a. issued a press release on september 200th saying he was leaving. that is almost 8 months ago. >> i will refer you. >> i don't care what the american legion has to say. i'm asking what you have to say. >> well, i would point you to the american legion. >> well, what did the
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american legion actually say? well, the american legion's national commander called petzel's resignation a continuation of business as usual. and joining us the director of the national legislation for the american legion lewis kelly jr. >> thank you for having me. >> what's the story? is jay carney dead right or dead wrong on this? >> we were confused. we were caught off guard. i thought that our press release really spoke to the issue. we were very displeased. we didn't think that this resignation was as genuine as it could have been. there could have been some tougher calls here. so, you know, for the white house to spin that in such a way that made it looked like we agreed with it i think was disingenuous. >> why do you think the white house did it? apparently jay carney, i read a john carl said it nine times or mentioned it nine times. nine times in one press briefing to get it wrong why did he do that? >> i don't know if he misunderstood. i can't speak for what he
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was thinking. i know what the american legion's intentions are. reform at the top of the v.a. leadership take charge of what's going on over there straighten this out immediately. the american legion has been a long standing partner with v.a. over the years. we want to make sure that it's run correctly. and calling for the resignation of someone who is getting ready to leave on retirement anyway, it might have been better if they would have said hold on, you are not retiring now, we are going to hold you here until this investigation is done. that might have been a stronger statement. >> should shinseki resign? >> we called for secretary shin shin shin shinseki's resignation. we were disappointed. we felt that the secretary was woeful ely unprepared for that we felt he was ill advised and we were disappointed in the amount of knowledge the secretary had about the goings on and some of the documents that were presented to him buy the senators that he didn't know, yet his under
4:13 pm
secretary that was sitting right to his left knew all about it and we were very disappointed. >> how can you just say disappointed though? in this is his job and he hasn't done it it he had notice of this apparently, right? this is not something new? in washington people say well, we are disappointed. how can we not just calling -- obviously he should resign. why not be more forceful about it. >> trying to be polite. >> people are dying. they are not getting medical care. every single veteran is volunteering to help us. we make the call and they go. why should would he be polite and nice. heads roll and fix it fast. >> that's right. on the day that we called for secretary shinseki under petzel's resignation forceful. laid it on the line systemic breakdown in the leadership of the department of veterans affairs. the time has come our leadership and our membership has called for resignation. >> you said jay carney
4:14 pm
disingenuous. >> a polite person. >> i would be like screaming from the treetops if i thought that he misrepresented the real position and was disingenuous. i might say lied or whatever. how come you are not angrier? >> because it it was such an egregious move that we're confused. we don't know what possibly could have motivated him. it's not like our press release was a private affair. not like we didn't issue it to the world. >> it's on your web site. why doesn't he look at your web site? >> we were caught off guard. we did not understand to you that possibly could have been misinterpreted anyway. >> is this the tip of the iceberg or are we at the end of it. >> we are finding this is the tip it of the iceberg. when we called for these resignations, we had no idea how deep this went. and now as more and more centers come forward. whistle blowers come forward feel like they will be protected we are seeing this is a lot more widespread than anticipated. >> too bad whistle blowers have so much fear. there is a lot of heartache and a lot of bad things
4:15 pm
happen when, you know, if they can't come forward sooner. >> that's right. and we are hearing stories every day about whistle blowers that are are coming forward once again. who said that they were reciprocated against when they spoke out to begin with. we have one person who said i refuse to carry a secret list and i was suspended for several days. and they were getting away with it until now. until there is such a bright spotlight being shown on this issue that now they are starting to pay the price. >> would you like to hear from jay carney why he said that? >> we would love to hear why he said that. >> maybe he will give you a call. >> yeah, i don't think that's going to happen. >> maybe, who knows. lewis always nice to sigh. >> thank you very much, greta. >> veterans affairs scandal growing by the minute. new allegations erupted across the country. political panel is back next. tv star famous for playing cops. arrested for the murder of his own wife. the actor accused of shooting his wife to death with young children in the house. latest is coming up.
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the v.a. healthcare scandal started in phoenix. similar allegations surfacing in 10 states. when the obama administration first know about secret wait list and how did the problem get so out of control.
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we are back with our political panel. john, how did this happen that so much was going on and at least the public is just learning about it now? i imagine people who suffered were learning about it as it went on but the rest of us? >> these reports have been going on for years. there is a report from 2010 that detailed all these different ways that veterans administration officials were gaming the system. they were saying that oh, this person hadn't scheduled an appointment when in fact they had it written down on a secret list and they didn't put them in the computer. it's really puzzling why this hasn't come out until now. whistleblowers come forward on the deaths have resulted from these things. the obama administration hasn't had much of a response at all. their reaction this week is to send the deputy chief of staff, one of the president's advisors in the white house down to the phoenix hospital, why not send in the fbi? why not send in a team that can actually investigate. this is a nationwide problem. it needs a nationwide response. a lot more than one person down there looking into this. >> what is the motive? i mean, do any of you know what the motive for making these lists?
4:21 pm
short of money? i mean, like what in the world is the motive for doing this? >> there is is a possibility here that if they churn through their work and they seem to be performing their work at an efficient pace that would be eligible for promotions. >> it's really self-interest? >> i think that's exact ely right. i think. >> send in the fbi, john. >> well, more broadly, look, no one wants to deny veterans' healthcare. it is a stressed system. it's an overtaxed system. they were trying to perform up to expectations on this. i think what we are seeing is that it is just -- this scandal has allowed people to come out of woodwork. we are starting to hear about horror stories for a long time. some righted to wait lists and some more endemic to the system. the volumes of things coming out about heroes. >> i think the white house's response is reminiscent to the response to obamacare another scandal, lake this, has actually hurt people on the ground. widespread harm being done. and the president, you know, in obamacare expressed
4:22 pm
outrage but didn't fire kathleen sebelius. and in this case, it's clear there is no accountability. there is frustration that there is no accountability at the top. and it's such a reminder that governance is hard. it's harder than soaring campaign rhetoric. >> but, the way jay carney passed off that petzel resignation as some sort of accountability when shinseki wasn't fired. he should have been fired or should quit. probably a great guy and great in the military. you know what? a lot of people hurt under his watch. >> and as your guest just pointed out, the american legion, how he -- you know, he was caught red handed spinning the whole thing. >> but, see, that's the thing, washington calls it spinning, i call it lying. i mean, nine times and, look, i make mistake and maybe jay carney made a mistake, it's on the web site and he said that he is confused, lewis kelly was. at some point it's
4:23 pm
deliberate. it's not sort of massaging the facts to look political ely good. >> you need to hold these people accountable with you you also have to fix the structural problems here there have been reports about delays for years and years. and that's inherent in government healthcare when you have bureaucrats saying you get cared for now, you don't. that's what happens when you don't have anywhere else to go. the question that the administration needs to answer why shouldn't the veterans be able it take health insurance and go to it a private hospital if they can't get care at the v.a.? >> all right, panel we have got to go, thank you. >> thanks, greta. >> more news about the u.s. marine jailed in mexico. wait until you hear what his mother heard from the marine corps. our investigation continues and you will hear from the marine's mother and california congressman duncan hunter. conditions in libya are deteriorating. is another u.s. diplomatic post in libya at risk? find out why our military is on the move coming up. does it end after you've expanded your business? after your company's gone public?
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yeah. i heard about progressive's "name your price" tool? i guess you can tell them how much you want to pay and it gives you a range of options to choose from. huh? i'm looking at it right now. oh, yeah? yeah. what's the... guest room situation? the "name your price" tool, making the world a little more progressive. "on the record" is investigating the disturbing case of u.s. marine andrew tahmooressi, we just got back from mexico where the marine sergeant has been
4:28 pm
held in a mexican prison for seven weeks. tomorrow secretary of state john kerry is heading to mexico city. is he going for talks and security. what about tam reissy, should the secretary bring that up the detention of this u.s. marine. duncan hunter has been fighting for sergeant tahmooressi's release. i might add you helped us all weekend long. i appreciate it secretary kerry goes tomorrow. should he say something? >> absolutely. he needs to be pressured into saying something. he needs to be asked by the american press corps and mexican press corps. when if you are talking to mexico about relations with america. obviously detaining young men that take a bad turn and get stuck there he ought to help with that if mexico wants to be good neighbors, which they ought to be, weship millions of dollars down there, billions of dollars down there, he ought to bring this up and mexico should want to be a good
4:29 pm
neighbor and help us. this is one of those common sense tests. they ought to be common sense call. he made a bad turn and we are not going to make bad turns and put him in a mexican jail. >> before i went down there and saw it was it really a bad turn? i went down there, it was something anybody can do. >> at night? >> at night it was a turn to the left. direction of san diego. not knowing that it loops around into mexico to the point of no return. i mean, it is an easy mistake. >> america co-needs to be nice tore americans, basically. >> why aren't they? >> i don't know. have you gone over stuck here on the border, can you help me? california highway patrol and they say no, sorry.
4:30 pm
you this need to be fighter to americans. i'm not sure why they aren't. propped up by us. military trained for by us, big tourist destination. i don't understand why they can't let these kind of things sorry, you made a wrong turn. you can turn around again. >> i'm not suggesting that we jump the mexican system, but the system could be accelerated. if a prosecutor would sort of sit down and look at it a prosecutor would throw this out. >> right. >> the real problem is not to tell mexico how to do their justice but if they would actually just look at it, they would see that this isn't a close question. this is an easy one. >> why not tell them how to do their justice system? they have a very corrupt system. they have a lot of problems. >> i don't disputed that. but i'm saying in this one particular case all they have to do is actually use your common sense as you say and look at it and do that so, senator kerry, if he doesn't say anything? >> we are going to put massive pressure on him. i think san diegoens should do something on the border. we ought to draw attention to this.
4:31 pm
do anything that we can to make people pay attention and to make. >> like do what? >> maybe do a little demonstration. that stops trade back and forth for a day. that just let's the mexicans know, hey, you are coming into america because we allow you to and we want to be friendly neighbors to you and we are friendly neighbors with you but you can't do things like this if if you want to be friendly neighbors. >> congressman, thank you and thank you for your help this weekend. >> thank you. >> okay, let's all go off the record for answer m i saw with my own eyes even drove it. the turn sergeant tahmooressi made thinking he was going back to san diego. was one i would have made. it was towards san diego. once into that turn, that's where there was the big surprise, the entrance ramp didn't go north to san diego but loops down below, south, and right into mexico. once on that ramp, there were absolutely no options. 100 yards later the mexican check point. once at that check point and you hear it on the 911 call,
4:32 pm
he reported the guns, guns he lawfully possesses in the u.s. we showed you the receipts or at least we have the receipts and could show them to you. yes in mexico gun possession is illegal. it was an accident that he ended up in mexico. simply a mistake a bad turn. frank lay real dumb way to build that road. counter intuitive. now, what is mexico going to do? drag the troubled marine through hell and spend mexican money to keep him in a lousy prison cell and drag this out for months maybe years? the judicial process is important but this is stupid and slow. this marine volunteered to fight for our lives and he did he two tours in afghanistan. so now it's our turn to fight for him. president obama, make a phone call. use our nation's goodwill. get that judicial process accelerated. when we get him home, time for the v.a. to step up. help him. and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. sergeant tahmooressi in a mexican prison just got news from the marine corps. you will hear from his
4:33 pm
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new mystery surround the arrest of the u.s.s. marine in mexico. what is so unusual after he was detained. while in mexico we spoke with his lawyer alexandro. when did you first see him? >> that's a good question. boy, i honestly don't remember. it might have been around 6:00 or 7:00 p.m. of the following day approximately. >> and where was he at that time? >> he was at the federal d.a.'s office in tijuana. >> is that sort of the typical process you get arrested and taken to the federal da's office? is that typical? >> that's actually a very good question you are making. one of the things we have been looking at in the case is that his detention at the
4:38 pm
mexican customs took place approximately around 10:50 p.m. they did not turn him over to the federal d.a.'s office until 6:20 a.m. approximately. >> is that unusual? >> it's unusual because the law says that when somebody is detained they have to be immediately put in under the jrksz of the authorities and it took several hours for that to happen. >> why? >> one of the reasons is that apparently some sort of back and forth was going on because he was insisted that i wanted to go back and be escorted back to the u.s. mexican customs agents had acceded to his request and ask him whether that would cause him any problems if he drove back into the u.s. because he had weapons. he obviously said no, this will be no problem for me. i want to go back. apparently there was some back and forth going on at this time and about -- i
4:39 pm
have to say about -- maybe about an hour later the customs official started putting together a customs report because of the violation to the customs law for importing weapons into mexico want to be clear however, possession not weapons smuggling which is a completely different charge. >> i find it significant he had the three guns in the car. he says he told the customs about customs border about it he made a 911 call about the weapons as well. but that the prosecutor is not charging him with smuggling, with simple possession. that's a big difference. so the mexican authorities don't think he was smuggling. >> no, they don't think he was smuggling. and it's good that you mention that 911 call. this was something we just learned about last week. like i said, there is still a lot of information we are starting to slowly get from andrew. >> is there any indication drugs or alcohol were involved. that he was under the influence of either?
4:40 pm
>> i have no indication that would show that. >> would they have checked him at the border? see like a breathalyzer test or anything? >> not necessarily. unless there was something maybe very obvious. but i don't think that was the case. >> did he get a bond or bail? >> no. because the type of crime that he is accused of is considered a serious offense in mexico. >> possession? >> yes. it's interesting because it's possession but it's possession of weapons meant for the exclusive use of the mexican army or mexican military, ookay? that's one. the other is possession of weapons without a proper license. >> in mexico? >> in mexico, exact ely. it's good that you mentioned that because that is the defense. no intent to be in mexico. if there is no intent to be in mexico, even if he does have these weapons it's by way of accident so he should not be held reliable. we are getting a lot more information, a lot more evidence that's going to be on record. and everything that is gonna allow us to show that andrew is innocent.
4:41 pm
and that andrew should leave mexico and go back home. >> and andrew tahmooressi's mother back home after visiting her son in that mexican prison. take a look at what she got in the mail last night. order from the marine corps for her son andrew tahmooressi to report in june in the threat of punishment if he he does not show up. jill tahmooressi joins us. good evening, jill. >> good evening, greta, thank you. >> and so i guess that you received -- he received these orders but you have gotten an email from the state department, correct, to respond to that? >> yes, yes. i received. i opened up the mail last night and he had an order to muster duty on june 14th. i was so worried because it said if he didn't show up he would possibly have a dishonorable it separation. did i reach out to mexico. mr. whitcher intervened i did receive an email back from whitcher that said his order for mustard would be
4:42 pm
excused. >> that's good news. you and i were down in mexico. we tried to see your son. your son in fact wrote a letter to the warden, they told us we could see him if he wrote a handwritten letter. he wrote a letter said i andrew paul tahmooressi request permission for greta for fox news to be in the prison to conduct an interview regarding my case in mexico. attention will be deeply appreciated. they are outside the facility awaiting my permission as well as the prison's permission. sincere ely and despite that -- we didn't get a chance to get in because the prison stood in our way. is that what -- i mean, what do you think about that? >> well, i know he is highly disappointed. i am able to hear from him. he collect calls me from the prison and he knew that you were outside waiting to come in and he was highly disappointed that he wasn't able to share with you and with the american public and with the mexican citizens his fight for freedom and to explain exact ely how he got lost at the border. and to tell the truth about
4:43 pm
that night. >> all right. >> so he is very disappointed. >> one of the big issues is the mexican government doesn't think he was smuggling. they thought he had possession of guns. naturally the issue is whether he was in lawful possession of guns in their country they say no because he can't. to the extent that he had lawful possession united states. we have all these records of him -- of his three guns that he had. showing his purchase, with his name, with the registration number. so those guns were lawfully possessed and owned in the united states. right? >> yes. yes. absolute ely. >> and so the only question is whether it was an accidental turn into mexico or not. which we have already gone over. the attorney general of florida pam bondi says that she thinks that she is going to be able to attend the may 28th hearing in mexico. do you expect to attend that hearing? >> i hadn't been invited by the attorney. i had asked if parents or the public were allowed in
4:44 pm
and i have not heard. so, i would love to be there. i just haven't received any permission or notice to attend. >> all right. well, there are a lot of politicians that are working really hard. we had a congressman duncan hunter just a second ago. you have the a.g. of florida, pam bondi i spoke to her a short time ago. lindsey graham. state department helping you. got to get the mexican authorities to simply look at the case, right? >> absolutely. expedite the due process. absolutely. >> jill, thank you. >> thank you, greta. appreciate you still covering this story and andrew's fight for freedom. appreciate it. >> i think he should be out of there. anyway, we will work on it and, also, he has played cops on tv and the movies. hollywood actor behind bars, arrested for the murder of his own wife. that's not all. the latest is next. really... so our business can be on at&t's network for $175 dollars a month? yup. all five of you for $175. our clients need a lot of attention.
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okay. everyone, here is what is being hashed out right now. firefighter battling selfie to send to his wife to let her know he was okay. the posted the photo of a facebook and it went absolutely viral. the firefighter is one of nearly a thousand very brave firefighters who helped contain those deadly wildfires. hard to find good coffee anywhere but on a plane? well, that's right. i sent the tweet out while mid-air. on the flight and it actually has great coffee and is clean. i got a reply virgin america tweeted glad you like our coffee: #greta on all your tweets and posts. murder in hollywood. playing cops on tv now arrested for the very real murder of his own wife. shield star michael jace accused of shooting his wife
4:50 pm
fatal ely in los angeles home. here is the cop on the shield. >> what the hell are you doing? you stick your gun into the cage? someone could have grabbed your weapon. do you see all these people around you? huh? look at me. you are trying to kill one of them? or are you trying to kill one of us? >> and here is michael jace, the real life murder suspect. for the very latest kttv reporter phil schuman joins us live. phil, first of all, where are you? >> we're at university south of los angeles. this is a private christian liberal arts college. this is where the victim, april jace worked. he had been here about a year. loved by everybody. she worked in the financial aid office. so as can you imagine, just a lot of shock and grief here because she was at work yesterday. they said goodbye to her last night. >> what are the police saying happened inside that home? >> well, what they are saying is that she came home
4:51 pm
with a couple's two young sons. they are both under 10 years old. about 8:30 last night. and 10 minutes later, they heard gunshots and jace called 911. and because of his role on the shield he was no doubt familiar many with police procedure. what the police are saying is that he called 911. the dispatcher answered and he said "i shot my wife." they told him to stay on the line. a rescue ambulances, the police came. he surrendered without incident. was taken into custody and booked on suspicion of murder. he is being held on $1 million bail. the two young boys were unharmed. they are with relatives now. and the reports are that the couple was in financial trouble but all the neighbors on the south los angeles street said they seemed perfectly happy and loving. they had been married about 11 years now. >> absolutely terrible. i'm curious, now the two children other family members did you say?
4:52 pm
>> grandparents. i understand that both michael and april, the victim had children from previous marriage, too. and people just shaking their heads in disbelieve that they do not understand how this is possible. >> just horrible. phil, thank you. >> now, show you what we are watching. we put together the most captivating videos out there tonight. take a look. the agiant sinkhole opening up in the middle of a college football field in tennessee. construction crews working in the area when the ground opened up. luckily, no one was hurt. now it's not clear how they plan to patch up that massive sinkhole. and this paramedic may have a stressful job, but he has found a way to chill thought between emergency calls. the emt singing and dancing to rihanna's while he drives his ambulance. that video going viral and
4:53 pm
apparently she likes it. >> favorite for last. mother baby come to the rescue of the cub. the mother bear jumped into action scooping up her cubs pulling them to safety. and that's what we're watching tonight. fantastic. watching more of the video we just showed you go to gretawire dot cop. flight 370 has not been found. that's to the stopping the filmmakers, the film you have to see to believe is next. don't forget to watch sean hannity tonight. very latest primary election results live as we come in. that's tonight 10:00 p.m. on hannity. covert ops? double agents? spy thriller? you don't know "aarp" thanks to the aarp tek program, this guy is spying on his new grandson. aarp tek gets people better connected
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all right, bill o'reilly is next. first, get ready to speed read your way through the news. the mystery of malaysian airlines flight 370 is far
4:58 pm
from solved. filmmakers already shopping around movies about the plane's disappearance. at the canned film festival a film called the vanishing act. flight 370. here is part of the disturbing trailer. >> well, the director admits the movie is controversial but claims it won't offend the families of the real victims. go figure on that. and u.s. military extra stands on stand by in case tripoli needs to be evacuated. the move coming among increase clashes among libya military forces and armed forces in benghazi. there is no specific threat against a u.s. embassy. and concern of filmmaker da
4:59 pm
sousa pleading guilty. admitting he used the donors to make 2 othousand dollars in illegal contributions to wendy long. accused the justice department singling out da da'da sue za. youngest player ever. louis lee from california winning the sectional qualifier at half moon bay. tee off at the u.s. women's open on june 19th. that's tonight's speed read. thank you for being with us. see you again tomorrow night right here at' p.m. eastern. right now go to and answer this. should the u.s. stop sending money to military until they release andrew tam resty. just a reminder, tell all your friends, if you are just getting home, and tuning in before bill o'reilly, right now, pick up your dvr remote and set a serious recording for "on the record" each night. that way, you will never miss "on the record" and let's face it you want to watch "on the record."
5:00 pm
we have a lot of the of fun here. gretawire is fun a big community. set your dvr. up next, the o'reilly factor. good night from baghdad. we will see you on gretawire. at the top of the hour. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> when was the president first made aware of these problems? >> we learned about them through the report. >> once again, president obama learns about a scandal through the news media. this is the fifth time that has happened. are things getting out of control? kirsten powers and marco rubio will weigh in. an mtv survey says almost 90% of younger americans reject affirmative action. wow, we will tell you what's going on there. also tonight, an actor may have shot his wife to death in hollywood. and we will name the absolute worst web sites in america. >> golly.


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